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About Us

Our History

ArtHatch Escape Rooms was established in 2016.

It was initially opened by Melissa W. and Sam W., the owners of the ArtHatch Arts Complex: A non profit organization that exhibits artists from around the globe, rents studios and exhibition space to local artists, and has a free teens arts program.


They successfully ran the escape room for nearly 3 years before the decision was made in July of 2019 to sell the business to a neighboring escape room company in Escondido: Clue Avenue Escape Rooms. At that point, the Clue Avenue manager, Nick P. and his team took over the day-to-day procedures and have been a tremendous force in continuing to build and maintain the awesome experience that is "ArtHatch Escape Rooms".

Our Desire

From the very beginning our goal was to create an Escape Room gaming experience that was different from any other one currently running in San Diego county.


Yes, one of our ultimate goals was to be the “best”, but that was not our initial goal. Instead, we wanted to create an environment where “game-players” could get completely engulfed in the compelling story-line and atmosphere that we created, as well as construct thought-provoking questions and scenarios that would have them talking about their experience long after they’ve played!

Our hope is that if you haven’t already tried one of our rooms, we’ve at least sparked your interest! If you have any questions at all (or would like more information), please feel free to contact our Operations Manager Nick Pryor (

Ready To Book Your Game?

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