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We're accepting bookings again! And we're following strict safety precautions to keep your team safe!

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 What's An Escape Room? 

A live-action adventure game where you are your team are locked in a themed room for one hour! Your goal? Work together to discover hidden clues and solve all the puzzles before time runs out! Can you escape??

Our Rooms

Mind Break

A mad scientist has gone missing! Does the playroom he made for his child contain clues to his location?

Annie's Footsteps

Your team must investigate a cabin in the woods to help solve a mysterious missing persons case.

Villain's Lair

Can you stop an evil villain’s plans for world domination? Infiltrate and destroy his hidden lab!

(Our 2nd location’s room, a block away!)


As a student in a mystical school, your final year’s exam sends you to the unforgiving Dreamworld!

(Our 2nd location’s room, a block away!)

Escape Rooms are perfect for:

Our Escape Rooms are a perfect environment to help build teamwork,  problem solving, and communication. See your employees come together and engage in an activity that can help bring out their quality skills and traits.

Special Occasions

Our rooms are perfect gifts and are a great way to celebrate your special occasion. For more information on party packages and gift cards, click here.


Visiting from out of town? Local San Diego resident and want to find a fun nearby activity? Look into booking a room with us and experience a challenging, yet fun adventure.

Team Building

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